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1 The following 27 lots are from the London Estate of an eminent Chinese Collector.
Chinese porcelain dark blue ground baluster shaped vase with short neck and under glazed blue square seal mark to base.

Sold for £1600
Lot: 1
2 Chinese stoneware ovoid black ground vase. Unmarked.

Sold for £28
Lot: 2
3 Chinese ivory coloured porcelain cylinder vase overall decorated with black scaly dragons amongst clouds. 6 Character mark to base.

Sold for £70
Lot: 3
4 Pair of Chinese porcelain white ground baluster vases decorated with underglaze blue scaly dragons amongst clouds with flaming pearls. Underglazed blue square seal marks to bases. (2)

Sold for £480
Lot: 4
5 Chinese porcelain yellow ground ovoid vase and cover, overall decorated in underglaze blue with flower heads and foliage. Unmarked.

Sold for £85
Lot: 5
6 Chinese porcelain black ground baluster shaped vase with overall incised foliate underglaze decoration.

Sold for £1150
Lot: 6
7 Two similar Chinese porcelain cylinder vases decorated in underglaze blue with birds amongst foliage. (2)

Sold for £260
Lot: 7
8 Chinese porcelain reticulated bottle base, decorated in relief with dragons and figures amongst clouds.

Sold for £70
Lot: 8
9 Pair of Chinese crackle ware porcelain cylinder vases with painted enamel decoration. One with four character marks to base. (2)

Sold for £60
Lot: 9
10 Chinese porcelain white ground baluster shaped vase with extended neck, painted with flowers, foliage and insects. Unmarked.

Sold for £1900
Lot: 10
11 Chinese porcelain baluster shaped jar with ringed neck, decorated with underglaze blue flower head panels on a lustre ground with geometric boarder. Underglaze blue feather mark to base.

Sold for £65
Lot: 11
12 Pair of small Chinese porcelain blue and white bottle vases with onion bulb necks, decorated with under glazed studies of figures in landscapes. Four character marks to bases.

Sold for £48
Lot: 12
13 Two similar Chinese porcelain two handled celadon glazed baluster shaped jars with underglaze cloud decoration. (2)

Sold for £28
Lot: 13
14 Pair of Chinese porcelain turquoise ground butterfly shaped ink stands with fluted sides. Bearing label "Collection CWF France". (2)

Sold for £400
Lot: 14
15 Group of Chinese Canton porcelain items to include small figure painted rectangular shaped calligraphy box, a landscape decorated square cushion shaped box and cover, a rectangular figure painted miniature table on wooden stand, and a Japanese style porcelain five section inro. (4)

Sold for £2800
Lot: 15
16 A Chinese porcelain baluster shaped jar and cover formed as two birds with domed cover, overall decorated in underglazed blue with feathers and features. Unmarked.

Sold for £30
Lot: 16
17 Small Chinese porcelain blue glazed Dog of Fo and two similar small yellow glazed Dogs of Fo. (3)

Sold for £22
Lot: 17
18 Chinese porcelain figure mounted smoking pipe with iron red and black painted decoration.

Sold for £580
Lot: 18
19 Pair of Chinese blanc de chine Dog of Fo candlesticks and two further similar Dog of Fo quill stands. (4)

Sold for £140
Lot: 19
20 Chinese mustard ground relief decorated cylindrical brush pot decorated with figures within wooded landscape.

Sold for £35
Lot: 20
21 Pair of Chinese porcelain fluted cerise ground dishes with reserved painted figure panels. Unmarked. (2)

Sold for £320
Lot: 21
22 Chinese relief decorated green ground ginger jar decorated with crane amongst foliage. Lacks cover. Unmarked.

Sold for £30
Lot: 22
23 Chinese gourd shaped two section celadon glazed paint box relief decorated with crabs amongst foliage. Impressed seal mark to base.

Sold for £380
Lot: 23
24 A group of carved lacquer and pewter Chinese pedestal and other cups. (10)

Sold for £20
Lot: 24
25 Chinese crackle glazed porcelain cylindrical brush pot relief decorated with blue painted figures within a landscape. Four character marks to base.

Sold for £170
Lot: 25
26 Chinese poly chrome decorated porcelain baluster shaped jar relief decorated with a scaly dragon having moving eyes within a landscape of clouds and lightening. Impressed seal mark to base.

Sold for £120
Lot: 26
27 Pair of Chinese porcelain plates engraved and poly chrome decorated with overall floral and foliate scrolled designs. Underglazed blue seal marks to bases. (2)

Sold for £1400
Lot: 27
28 Mid 20th Century mahogany hat shaped presentation three train mantle clock.

Sold for £8
Lot: 28
29 American Ansonia clock company stained wooden gingerbread type architectural mantle clock with spiral and foliate mouldings and two train movement.

Sold for £20
Lot: 29
30 Mid 20th Century oak arch shaped three train presentation mantle clock presented on behalf of the British Legion.

Sold for £8
Lot: 30
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