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1 CONTINENTAL SCHOOL, (18TH CENTURY), family group at a river with goats and other livestock, canvas. 12.5" x 17.5".

Sold for £110
Lot: 1
2 JULIUS OLSSON, (BRITISH, 1862-1942), mountain landscape, signed, canvas laid on board. 11.5" x 15".

Sold for £60
Lot: 2
3 AFTER CARLO DOLCI, 17TH CENTURY ITALIAN SCHOOL ), woman playing a Church organ, canvas. 36" x 32".

Sold for £650
Lot: 3
4 THOMAS CRESWICK R.A, (BRITISH, 1811-1869), landscape, possibly Wales, with figures on a byeway, lake and distant mountains, signed and dated 1844. Canvas. 18" x 24".

Sold for £780
Lot: 4
5 W.R.STONE (BRITISH, 20TH CENTURY), British landscape with traveller on a by-way and distant village, signed, canvas. 18" x 3 2".

Sold for £120
Lot: 5
6 No Lot details
7 TIMOTHY NIALL-HARRIS (20TH CENTURY), "Autumn Grouse" one of a set of four originals produced for Gordon and McPhail Distillers of Speyside, signed, oils on board. 12.5" x 10".

Sold for £190
Lot: 7
8 THEODORE.J.GRACEY, (IRISH SCHOOL, 1895-1959), coastline viewed through trees from a shady lane, signed, oils on canvas, Irish gallery label verso. 20" x 24".

Sold for £380
Lot: 8
9 AFTER GEORGE ARMFIELD (BRITISH, 19TH CENTURY), terriers at a rabbit hole, oils on canvas. 10" x 14".

Sold for £180
Lot: 9
10 G.PRETTY (BRITISH, EARLY 20TH CENTURY), quiet cove with fishermans boathouses and distant hills, signed, oils on board. 20" x 27". Lot: 10
11 A. MARTIN (BRITISH, 19TH CENTURY), smiling monk with flagon of ale and a monk eating oyster, a pair, signed, oils on panels. 8" x 6". (2).

Sold for £150
Lot: 11
12 P.A.UPSON (BRITISH, MID 20TH CENTURY), fox hunting scene, signed, canvas. 26" x 55".

Sold for £220
Lot: 12
13 JOEL OWEN (BRITISH, EARLY 20TH CENTURY), croft on a loch at sunset, signed and dated 1916, canvas. 20" x 30".

Sold for £120
Lot: 13
14 JOEL OWEN (BRITISH, 20TH CENTURY), river landscape with distant mountains and coastal scene with distant boats, signed and dated 1917, two, canvas. 20" x 30".(2).

Sold for £360
Lot: 14
15 JOEL OWEN (BRITISH, 20TH CENTURY), coastal study at sunset, signed, and dated, oils on canvas. 22" x 32".

Sold for £150
Lot: 15
16 ANTHONY ELLIOTT SKUSE, (BRITISH 2ND HALF 20TH CENTURY), The Clipper "Storm King" off Dover, signed, board. 24" x 36". Lot: 16
17 ANTHONY ELLIOTT SKUSE (BRITISH, 2ND HALF 20TH CENTURY), The Clipper "Swiftsure" off Peel Harbour, Isle of Man. Signed, board. 24" x 36". details
18 WALTER DANIEL BATLEY (BRITISH, BORN 1850), "The Trespasser", Donkey confronted by a flock of Geese in a farm orchard with farmer looking on, signed and dated 1878. Canvas. 13" x 18". Lot: 18
19 ANDRE PERRET (EARLY 20TH CENTURY), Sylvan river bridge, signed and dated 1918, board. 8.5" x 10.75".

Sold for £70
Lot: 19
20 R.H.WOOD, (BRITISH, FLO 1865-1876), river landscape with family being punted over a river and distant village, all under an expansive sky, signed, canvas. 24" x 36". Lot: 20
21 RICHARD WANE, RA, (BRITISH, 1852-1904), "The Ocean Breaks Against The Stern Dumb Shore", signed and labelled verso, canvas. 30" x 54". Lot: 21
22 SEAN O'CONNOR (IRISH, 20TH CENTURY), "The 18th Green, Golf Links, Killarney" and "The Fifth Green, Killarney Golf Links", two similar, signed and titled verso. Oils on board. 14" x 18" and 16" x 19". (2).

Sold for £520
Lot: 22
23 EUROPEAN SCHOOL (18TH CENTURY, PROBABLY FLEMISH) allegorical study, an angel directing a boy prophet heavenwards, canvas. 38" x 45".

Sold for £1900
Lot: 23
24 GEORGE WHITAKER (BRITISH 1834-1874) a misty morning with boat crossing the Loch, castle towers beyond, signed and dated 1874. 12" x 18.5".

Sold for £80
Lot: 24
25 ALFRED EDWARD PARKMAN (BRITISH, BORN 1852), fisherman with shepherd and flock with mountains beyond, signed and dated 1920. Watercolour. 11" x 17.5".

Sold for £160
Lot: 25
26 ANGUS BERNARD RANDS (BRITISH, 1922-1985), orchard with daffodils and outbuildings, signed, pastels. 14" x 21". Lot: 26
27 ANGUS BERNARD RANDS (BRITISH, 1922-1985), river landscape in winter, with farmsteads, signed, pastels. 13" x 19". Lot: 27
28 F.C. COOPER (BRITISH, 20TH CENTURY), fishing smacks running for home, signed and dated. 12" x 15.5".

Sold for £90
Lot: 28
29 GEORGE FINCH MASON (BRITISH, 1850-1915), "Here Comes La Fleche" and "What Ho! She Bumps", a horse racing study and a hunting scene, two, signed. 10.5" x 13.5". (2). Lot: 29
30 GEORGE OYSTON (BRITISH, MID 20TH CENTURY), water meadow with grazing sheep, signed. 15" x 10".

Sold for £110
Lot: 30
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